EmoSpark is an Android-powered AI cube that reacts to your mood

06 ian.

People tend to be a little creeped out by a machine pretending to be human, as evidenced by the almost universal uncanny valley response to humanoid robots. However, that doesn’t mean it is a bad idea for technology to be a little more human in the way it responds to us. The EmoSpark is an attempt to make artificial intelligence more friendly by packing the AI into a small cube that can recognize and react to your emotional state.

The EmoSpark console is only 3.5-inches on a side and fits in the palm of your hand. It is being designed by inventor Patrick Rosenthal who wants to use the EmoSpark to recognize not only people, but their emotions in real time. The cube does this with traditional face-tracking technology and a content analysis engine developed by Rosenthal. Theoretically, by glancing at you, the EmoSpark will be capable of differentiating between basic human emotions.

Poza: indiegogo

Sursa: extremetech

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